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Here the list of 50 TOPICS of these 1000+ courses:

7. SEO
13. PPC
34. APPS
49. EBAY


Question: is this something like blackhat method?

Answer: Udemy itself give the courses creators to create and offer free coupons and they do and publish to a lot of free udemy coupons sites for get more students to their courses.

The coupons sites also are affiliate of udemy - that earned for send traffic and sales to udemy site.

You can visit these sites for sample:
Udemy Coupon Code | Free Discount Coupons | Promo Codes

Udemy Free |100% Discount coupon

All give free coupons - and all earn from that - the course creator earn more students , udemy earn more traffic and subscribers and more sales to other course and the user earn more learning.

So I decide instead of you waste a lot of time to collect free coupons courses one by one and enroll the courses one by one - so my team make it for you - hand free, without you need to do the hard work and waste your valuable time.

So coupons is legal promotional that udemy allow and give to all courses creators. If this not legal so they have to not agree to course creator to make free coupons, the free coupons help udemy to get from 0 students in 2007 to 10,000,000 students in 2016. 

Long story short: You get 1000+ Udemy courses worth $72,765 filled inside your Udemy account for just $10! OR 300+courses for $5 
Hands Free! We Do the hard job for you! Our team enroll all of these courses to your Udemy account

Using Legal coupons







Originally Posted by threepurpleroses View Post

Absolutely the BEST package I have ever bought here or anywhere else! I love to learn and this is all the courses I need! Love it!

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This WSO is by far the best value for money deal ! In fact it far exceeds value for money - $72,000 worth of courses for $10 !! I'm very greatful to Shimon. Plus he is promising he'll add additional courses in the future... Who else wouldn't want this? Thank you Shimon... Best $10 spent in my life!!!

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This is probably the best WSO I have had the pleasure to review.
It is literally mind blowing.
 The amount and variety of the courses is amazing, as an Internet marketer and a blogger that love to learn and stay updated on so many topics it is a treasure and going to save me so much money!

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Awesome! I loved this WSO! I never believed that I will be able to get so many courses in Udemy without any effort from my side. I got the Udemy account and it had 314 courses from diverse fields. Thank you so much. 
Moreover, the best part is his method is perfectly legal. Kudos to his efforts 

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amazing service I am stunned

this is the real deal folks

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This is why I joined the Warrior Forum. Products that can help. Thanks for a super product that will take the one hour of learning I practice each morning to a new level. I might do an hour before bed now it's so much content. 
Great customer service also. Thanks for the quick response to my question.

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Thanks Shimon, Requested the 100 but he sent me 0ver 300. So will go ahead and buy the 1000 for $10. Such a great price.
Thanks again

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Puchased the 1000+ package and they are already added into my account.
This WSO is gold!!

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Got mine too, nobody doing marketing or anything with social, video or programming should pass up this deal, it's simply too good to let pass, and the price simply makes it a no-brainer.

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Shimon is the best person, he always help and provide great support. I purchased this Udemy Courses package to him and he add all these courses as soon as in my account. I am happy after getting it.
Thanks Man!

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Shimon, thank you for your work!
The courses are good and useful. Absolutely worth the price, you give me so much value through this WSO. 
Also you delivered it in less than 5 minutes, awesome service.
Hope to do business with you soon. Keep up the good work!

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Best value for your money. This package is fully loaded with valuable courses. If you are a marketer or looking for a way to improve your life or learning new stuffs, you will be making a big mistake if you don't buy the course. I love it and very happy i bought it. Amazing learning tools!

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I love Udemy , the courses are good Shimon been very helpful and kind , and answered every question or concern that I've had ... keep up the good work

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Hey guys,

Just writing to confirm that this WSO is for real, it's 100% legal and you do get all these courses for a ridiculously low price. 

Shimon's been very helpful and attentive in getting me going, and the "300-Lite" account he set up for me has 315 courses in it, all accessible at any time.

This is a fantastic deal for anyone who's serious about self-improvement and further studies, and who wants a library of courses to refer to that they can watch and educate themselves with any time of the year.  Grab this offer while you can! 



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Shimon's offer is fantastic and my account was ready almost immediately. I had a problem with the purchase (my fault) and his customer service was excellent. The assortment of courses is great. I admit that I bought it for the CrockPot course that I would not have paid the price for it on the site  and that course has just been updated this month. And there is even an app development class that I paid $97 for last year included. Thanks so much to Shimon for putting all the work into this great deal on Udemy courses - big variety!

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Shimon gave me early access to this offer. He was responsive and helpful and above all, FAST. Upon delivery I was not disappointed. This is what he says! Hundreds of courses across all areas of learning, available within Udemy's own platform so you can take advantage of their student forums, resource links, and receive class announcements at your own email address.

The first account Shimon created for me did not load properly. He promptly created another. All emails to him were answered within one hour (sometimes minutes) and I had a new, full Udemy account within a day.Shimon is the real deal. If you haven't taken advantage of this deal yet, what are you waiting for?!!

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Hi Shimon,

Thanks for the review copy. You have delivered what you have promised. For a review copy, I was provided with 315 courses. I asked for a new udemy account and he provided. I didn't pay him anything but when there were some problems, he was kind enough to reply to my messages.

As I have mentioned I got my udemy account loaded with 315 courses. In these courses, 176 courses were free. I counted it manually so I hope I am not mistaken. So basically there were 139 courses costing from $10 to $300. I have not finished viewing all the courses but I have viewed one course and I think, for me as a newbie, it is of good quality, after all, I watched a course with a cost of $300. :-)

Thanks for the review copy. I have to view these courses first before I have to purchase other package. I hope this WSO won't close anytime soon. For sure you can learn more people like me. :-)

Dear Fellow ,

How many times have you gone on WF, Clickbank, or JV Zoo to find a course on something that you needed to expand and grow your business?

You strive to become the go-to-expert that everyone seeks out...

But you need to continuously stay up to date with the latest changes in your industry.

Think about it...

Whether you are starting off as an Affiliate Marketer, SEO expert, Copywriter, or Product Creator (I can go on and on but I think you get the picture)...

At some point or another you will buy a course online.

Here is Just One Example of the MANY COURSES YOU NEED to Successfully Become the Go-To Guru in Your Niche:

If you are an affiliate marketer you had to or still need to learn:

> How to build a squeeze page

> How to write hypnotically persuasive copy for your squeeze page

> How to split test page conversions

> How to generate paid traffic from PPC

> How to generate traffic on Facebook

> How to generate traffic on Twitter

> How to generate traffic on LinkedIn

> How to generate traffic on SEO

> How to analyze your traffic, conversions, sales...

> How to write compelling emails to get your leads to buy

> How to find high converting offers to promote

> How to keep growing your list month after month

These are just 12 crucial things every affiliate marketer should know that I literally just thought of off the top of my head...

And if you do a Google search you will find that there are probably 50 more things that I didn't even list.

I mentioned just 12 courses that you would need to be an affiliate marketer earlier...

That is just 12 of the many that it will take to make anyone the go-to-expert in their niche.

Not to mention you may want to expand your business into other niches to make more money!

Think about how in just 5 minutes the average internet marketer wasted their time and money buying 2-3 courses at once...

Multiply that by the Multitude of Courses that You Will Need to Truly Make You The Sought Out Expert...
Just like the 6 Figure Earners we Desire to Be Like

That is a lot of courses that you need...

Fact is...

To be successful with ANY business online you need to stay up to date on the latest on EVERYTHING.

Sample of courses you get in your udemy account FREE

There are a million moving pieces to any business...

> From SEO to Copywriting

> From List Building to Driving Traffic

> From Social Media Marketing to Making Money Online

> From Apps to WordPress

These are just some of the tools every business regardless of your niche should know...

Now you can continue paying for the new shiny object of the week...

And waste thousands of dollars and tons of time (that you could be making money) trying to find a course every time you need to learn something...

Or you can have in your udemy account over 1,000+ online courses that are guaranteed to provide REAL VALUE...

And are not over-hyped fluff filled garbage that are only created to align the pockets of shady marketers.


Be Guru - The Only Way to Legally Get $72,765 in Online Udemy Video Courses...
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If you do not have an Udemy account or have never heard of it...

No problem!

Here is a little info on Udemy and how you can easily sign up for freeto take advantage of the incredible offer that I am about to share with you:

> Udemy is the birth child of Amazon and their mission is to help anybody learn anything online.

> Udemy's vision of the world is one in which everyone can teach and share what they know. 

> Udemy is the largest educational top video producer out there. It currently offers 40,000 publicly available video instruction courses in categories ranging from "Lifestyle" to"Internet Marketing"

> Udemy has quickly become the go-to-source to learn anythingthat you need online.

> Udemy has become a trusted provider when it comes to providing hiqh-quality courses that are chock full of content and not fluff.

> Udemy Founded in 2007 and from 0 students and now have Over 10 million students.

> Mashable noting "Udemy offers an experience that rivals the real classroom, and should prove to be a useful utility for teachers and students of all subject matters."

> Udemy - built iOS and Android app from the ground up to make your learning experience as simple and intuitive as possible.
You can now watch videos, access course documents - ANYWHERE , ANYTIME - using Udemy app you can even download the courses and watch them OFFLINE!

Many of the courses on Udemy are priced at less than $200. 

However, prices ranges all the way up to $300 for courses like "$400k Crowdfunding Launch Formula" and "How to Trade Stock Options: Profiting in Up and Down Markets"

As you can see the price of courses can quickly add up...

But after today you won't have to spend a single penny on these 1000+ Udemy courses, again...

Just Like these Fellow Warriors Who Are On Their Way to Becoming the Go-To Gurus In Their Niches...

As you can see these warriors are loving Be Guru. They never have to waste their time and money again on fluffy over-hyped courses that provide outdated information. 

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Today, I will enroll your udemy account with 1,000+ Udemy Courses that are Valued at $72,765 for an Incredible STEAL!

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As I know, no one sets out and starts their own business to remain mediocre at best. 

We all strive to make as much money as we can.

The only way that we can dominate in our niches and stay ahead of our competitors is to ensure that we stay ahead of the latest trends in marketing...

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See here sample of courses

And all 1,000 of them are yours for just $10! 

I could charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for this incredible package...

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That is why I am only charging just $10. That is a price that any serious entrepreneur can afford.

Did I Mention....
All Courses Are Hosted on the Udemy Platform?

Saving Your Computer from Having to Stores Thousands of Huge Space Depleting Video Files...

That's right...

One of the benefits of Udemy is that everything is stored on their platform. 
Enabling you to have access to your video courses no matter where you are...

And without videos taking up hoards of space on your hard-drive.

Now you can have instant access to over 1000+ courses from any computer, laptop, tablet or smart-phone 24/7, in just a click of the mouse!

Now You May Be Wondering...

How the Heck Did I Get My Hands on 1,000+ High Quality Video Udemy Video Courses Without Stealing Them?

I realize you may have a concern about where I got access to over 1,000 incredible courses without stealing them...

I don't blame you.

There are so many get rich quick schemes online...

That it has become difficult to weed through it all.

I promise you I did not steal any of the courses that I am providing to you. 

I can promise you these things because I have acquired all of the courses 100% legally and I have the right to give them to whomever I wish.

That is because I use 100% legal coupons that I scoured the internet in search for in order to provide these courses to you at a significant discount. 

Think of the coupons as the free giveaway on a squeeze page. 

You use the freebie to get new leads signed up to sell to in the future. 

The coupon program at Udemy works the same way.

Knowing this from creating my own coupons as an Udemy instructor is what gave me the idea to start collecting coupons so that I could create a massive Udemy library...

That I could share with the world. 

Enabling anyone to get an $72,675 education for just $10!

I am always on the lookout for more coupons so that I can keep adding to the 1,000 courses.

Does the Sound of 1,000+ Courses Overwhelm You?

Look, I realize that having access to over 1,000+ online courses may be incredibly overwhelming to you or you may feel that you do not need access some of the courses as you will never need them in your business.

That is why...

I am Offering Two Mind Blowing Opportunities to Get Your Hands on the Guru Education You Need to Succeed...

That is 300+ online video courses that you can take whenever you want for just $5! This is a steal!

If you truly want to become the go-to-expert in your niche then you need to arm yourself with the education of a lifetime. 

Without wasting your hard earned money and time on useless crap that is being peddled to you on a daily basis from slimy marketers who only want to take your money...

To gain access all you need to do is the following:

Step #1) Select the best Be Guru package that best suits your current needs.

Step # 2) Once you select your package you will be taken to a page where you will fill in your Udemy Account login details so that I can load the courses into your account for you. Please also provide me with your best email address so that I may notify you when the courses are uploaded.

Step #3) Sit back and relax knowing that within the next 24 hours your account will be stuffed with 1000+ courses, that will make you an expert in your niche. 

That's it...

All you have to do...

To practically steal $72,675 worth of courses is click on the best package below that fits your needs. 

And in just 24 hours from now you will be well on your way to becoming an overnight Guru sensation.

Hands Free! We Do the hard job for you! Our team enroll all of these courses to your Udemy account
Using Legal coupons 

I must warn you that I must limit this offer to just 25 people per day!

It takes time for my team to enroll the 1000+ courses into my client's Udemy accounts. To ensure I can meet the 24 hours deadline I must limit my offer to just 25 people per day.

Secure your $72,675 Education for the Steal of Lifetime Now!

On top of adding to your account with $72k of professional high quality videos courses that will enable you to become the next 6-figure guru in your niche...

I want to provide you also incredible bonus:

Free Bonus Offer #1- Lifetime Continuing Education. Business changes on daily basis and you need to stay on top of what is current and relevant. That is why I am going to send you a new Udemy course that you can enroll in every week for the remainder of your life!

Secure these bonuses and the only guaranteed education that ensures that you will never have to buy another online over-hyped BS product again by clicking on the package that best suits your needs below.

To Your Success,
Shimon Chohen

P.S. I know you are trying to do everything you can to grow and expand your business. Make the wise decision to not waste your time and money on BS garbage products that are being peddled your way. I am offering you an $72k education for peanuts. Secure your education of a lifetime now. 

P.S.S. If you are worried that adding these 1,000 courses to your Udemy account will result you in getting banned... 

You can open a new backup Udemy account and let us enroll for you the 1,000 courses there and you will see for yourself that this is 100% legal

Don´t be afraid to ask questions!!!
For any questions you have, feel free to:
1 - Ask in this thread
2 - PM me
3 - Send support ticket here
4 - Mail me at:shimonchohen at 




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